• chevron_rightWho manages the HOA and what do they do?
    Winding Creek Homeowners Association (HOA) is managed by CCMC, which oversees the daily operations and financials of the association. 
    The HOA team consists of two members and their areas of supervision are:
    Community Manager | Barbara Kill 
    • Association financials & assessments
    • Review of your exterior improvement requests
    • Community Standards / Violations; reporting or updating on the statuses of a letter you may have received
    • Rules and regulations of the Association
    • Maintenance issues in the amenity areas
    • Association operations including the roles and responsibilities of contractors providing services to the community (i.e. lifeguards, landscaper, etc.)

    Lifestyle Director | Cassidy Wagner
    • Community Events & Programs
    • Rentals of amenity center, pool, playgrounds, and other common spaces
    • New resident move-in information
    • Resident communications (email, text, social media, etc.)
    • Sponsorships, marketing, and advertising
  • chevron_rightDo I need approval from my HOA to make changes to my home?
    Yes - Additions, modifications, and changes to the exterior of your home and property require review and approval by the Architectural Reviewer prior to the work being done or the addition being installed. Common projects include; shed installation, changes in landscaping, fence replacement or extension, swimming pool installation, and patio or deck installation.
    Major projects such as the installation of a patio or pool will require a deposit, while minor projects such as painting or landscaping will only require you to submit the application for approval, but no fee will be required.

  • chevron_rightWhy do I have to pay HOA dues?
    To accomplish the many tasks for which it is responsible, the association must have operating funds for daily maintenance, repairs, and administration, as well as adequate replacement reserve funds for major repairs or replacements for common property. To obtain these funds, all members within your community are required to pay assessments to the association. The Board of Directors will establish assessment rates each year and adopt the annual budget for your community. The association will notify you of the amount and due date of your specific assessment. If you do not have any information regarding the assessments, please contact your Community Manager, at bkill@ccmcnet.com.
    While we work hard to contain expenses, periodic increases in your assessment may occur to cover the rising costs of operations, and maintenance of your community.
    Keeping in mind that assessments are the primary source of income for community associations, we encourage all members to pay them in a timely manner. Members who do not pay their assessments on time may be subject to various monetary penalties and usage restrictions. While this may seem extreme, please remember that your association can operate only if all members pay their assessments when due. That will allow your association to properly administer and maintain your community.
    Your Winding Creek Assessments are $1,200 annually ($300 billed quarterly.)
    To pay your assessments, please visit the "Pay Assessments" page under the "Resources" tab on the navigation bar on top of this page.
  • chevron_rightHow do I pay my assessments?
    There are multiple ways to pay your assessments. Please visit the "Pay Assessments" page under the "Resources" tab on the navigation bar on top of this page.
  • chevron_rightHow should I maintain my lot?
    Owners have the duty to keep their Lot and all improvements in good condition and repair and in a well-maintained, safe, clean and attractive condition at all times. (Development Area Declaration, Section 2.10) This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Lawn mowing & edging
    • Tree & shrub pruning
    • Watering
    • Keeping lawn & garden areas alive
    • Free of weeds
  • chevron_rightWhat are the rules with owning a portable basketball goal?
    They may be used in un-fenced yards and on private driveways in the Development Area during periods of active play, if the portable goals are removed from sight when not in use:
    They must be maintained in good condition & repair
    They may not be placed in any right-of-way
    Basketball goals may not be permanently installed on a lot (Development Area Declaration, Section 2.24)
  • chevron_rightWhere can I set up my satellite dish or antennae?
    Without any prior approval, you can attach it to the back or the side of the home (on the back half of the home) with no part of the permitted dish or antennae any higher than the lowest point of the roof-line and screened from view of adjacent Lots and the street (Development Area Declaration, Section 2.11)
  • chevron_rightWhere should I store my trash and Recycling Bins?
    You can store your trash/recycling bins inside your garage or behind the fence on the side of your home.
    Pro tip:  make sure it is not visible from any street, alley, or adjacent residence
    (Development Area Declaration, Section 2.5)
  • chevron_rightWhy did I receive a violation?
    Our HOA team will travel the community to ensure the community declarations are being followed. If you have received a violation notice and have questions please reach out to our HOA team.
    Barbara Kil - Community Manager

  • chevron_rightWho do I call if I have an after hours emergency?
    For after hours emergencies, please call 1-800-274-3165.